Residential Design

SKS has experience both in large scale total renovations and small scale interior interventions.  The following are a few examples of our residential work:

Rechavia Apartment.

This client wanted to join two small one bedroom apartments into one and totally renovate and modernise the apartments at the same time. SKS designed every aspect of the project working closely with the relevant consultants, and project managed and sourced all materials for this project. The final duplex is aproximately 140 m2 and has 3 double bedrooms, a single bedroom, 4 bathrooms (3 ensuite), a kitchen, a kitchenette and a large lounge/ dining area. Photos taken by israphoto (Ilya Gitelman). Carpentry work done by carpenter Daniel Krausz.

Rental Apartment.

This project was a total apartment renovation. The apartment was intended for rental, so the interior is neutral, clean, fresh and modern. Client wanted to maximise the number of rooms and create a bright, airy and user friendly space. Project located on Rechov Palmach in Jerusalem.

Beit Shemesh Apartment.

This project is an example of a small scale renovation.  We worked within a defined budget to get the client maximum style for their home.  Client wanted to brighten up the place, add a coat closet, incorporate the service balcony and renovate the kitchen. We changed all the flooring and did a bathroom facelift. Kitchen was designed by Claire Rotter.

Shai Agnon Apartment.