About Us

About Us- Sarah SuekeSarah Sueke is the founder of SKS architecture & interior design. She is an Israeli Registered Architect based in Jerusalem. She works with both architecture and interior design and firmly believe that a strong understanding of both is crucial to successful design.
She has been working in Israel since 2007, from 2007-2012 for various architecture firms and since 2012 has been building SKS one project at a time.
Sueke studied in London, England, gaining a Bsc in Architecture, planning, building and environmental studies (2003) from University College London. and completing her Architecture Diploma at the University of Westminster (2007).
 Sueke specialises in residential design and small scale commercial projects.She has a lot of experience working in architecture firms in Jerusalem, Israel, working on a variety of projects at different scales and in varied genres. In sks, Sueke puts her own stamp on design.
“I am always excited by new challenges and enjoy looking at each project with an open mind. I work closely with the client to achieve their vision and goals. I firmly believe in collaborating with other architects and designers to achieve the maximum result for a project.” Sarah Sueke
Sarah Sueke brings passion about each project and always gives 110%. She works on projects from the initial feasibility stage until the final finishes and believe this continuity creates the most successful projects.  Several of Sarah’s past projects can be viewed on instagram https://www.instagram.com/sks_architecturaldesign/